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Marriott is an international company that offers its customers hotel and resort services. The company contains several hotels in many countries around the globe. It has at least 6000 properties scattered around the world in at least 122 different countries and territories. The headquarters of the company are located just outside Washington D.C at Maryland. The company, in the fiscal year of 2016, made a reported revenue of at least $17 billion making it one of the largest players in its industry. The company was founded by Alice Marriott and J. Willards and has been run by the family on family-based leadership for over 90 years.

Marriott Rewards Program

This is the new chatter that is having several people in awe. If you are a person who travels regularly or would love to travel in the near future, then this is something worth your while. The Marriott Rewards program is a program where you can get certain exclusive privileges when you travel courtesy of Marriott. You could also get a choice of flyer miles as well as free points on vacations when you travel.

Cost of Joining Marriott Rewards

The question that comes to mind is how much it would cost you to become a member of Marriott and get these
rewards for yourself. As it turns out, they are completely free of charge and
all you are required to do is to fill out the enrollment form which you do online
at their website.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits that you can get from Marriott rewards program:

  • You get to earn points each time you participate at any of the locations that are
    participatory in the entire globe.
  • You can then redeem these points for several exclusive offers such as free stays at
    hotels, packages for vacations as well as cruises among numerous other awards.
    There are hundreds of ways that one can use their accumulated points and to get
    a peek into these you will be required to visit their site.
  • You are also guaranteed access to the lounge of the hotel you stay in as well as
    breakfast on the house. If, within the U.S and Canada, there is no lounge, you
    get a continental breakfast of your choice.
  • There are other offers that you also get courtesy of Marriott and these include
    exclusive discounts at hotels.

Reviews of the Program

The benefit of the Marriott Rewards Program is that it accommodates people traveling both on business as well as leisure while visiting any major city in the United States. When you are a member you will always earn points while in the select locations globally and these points could give you super advantages such as room upgrades, unlimited drinks or discounts on hotel suites. The number of things that the points can be redeemed for are innumerable so not being a member of Marriott Rewards Program is a great disadvantage especially if you travel a lot.


Joining the Marriott Rewards Program could potentially change your life as a traveler. Join today, rack up some points enough to take you and your loved ones on a family vacation. It is better to have redeemable Marriott points than to not have them.


When it comes to enjoying luxury and the best things that life has to offer, everybody will jump on board when the opportunity presents itself. Who in their right mind would not relish the chance to enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a luxurious bedroom, getting top notch services and enjoying the best meals? This is the reason why so many people are willing to pay top dollar in order to enjoy this luxury even if it is for one night in luxury hotels. This is the exact experience you are guaranteed to get and enjoy when you check in at Marriott Hotels for any duration of stay.

JW Marriott Hotel
Why Choose Marriott Hotels?

Marriott is one the most luxurious hotels where most people love spending their time whenever they travel or want somewhere nice to hang out. It is not only the luxurious pillows and bedding offered by the hotels that fascinate people but also a number of other great things offered there. Here are some of the top three reasons why people love staying at the Marriott Hotels:


These hotels offer great and exemplary customer service and value their guests highly. The staffs at the hotels are well-trained, highly professional, welcoming and friendly thereby making their guest feel at home. At Marriott, everything is easily accessible at the push of a button. The staffs are always ready to welcome you at the hotels and will help you with your luggage as soon as you check into the hotel. This will save you the trouble of having to carry your luggage to your room. A huge number of people prefer staying at Marriott over other places due to the high levels of professionalism and hospitality exhibited by their staff.


In order to survive and live healthily we have to eat and there is no better experience than indulging in sweet food that has been prepared by expert chefs. Marriott has some of the finest chefs in the whole world who can prepare any dish that you can think of. They are able to prepare a wide variety of dishes from various regions that is American, Indian, Asian, Italian and Chinese. The chefs at Marriott Hotels will never disappoint with their expertly prepared meals to suit your order perfectly. At Marriott, you are guaranteed of getting the freshest and highest quality food.

Marriott Restaurant

Comfortable Beds

At Marriott, you will find the best and most comfortable beds fitted with luxurious bedding to make your time at the hotel memorable. Sleeping in these beds will give you the illusion of sleeping in paradise. You will be guaranteed of a royal sleep when you spend your night at Marriott. The hotel has invested in quality beddings and pillows to ensure that their guests enjoy the best sleep in their lifetime.


Spending time at Marriott Hotels is the ultimate definition of relaxation and spoiling oneself to the level best. The hotel makes luxurious dreams a reality with everything they make available to their guests. You will also fall in love with the hotel that has all amenities you need while on holiday or a business trip under one roof.